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Welcome to Janey Lynn's Designs
Home of the Shaggie

This is a Wholesale site and if you don't have a retail store CLICK HERE!

A complete Kitchen & Spa Textile line. There is absolutely nothing else like the 100% Cotton Chenille Shaggie® in the marketplace. Our line was inspired by Jane's Grandma re-purposing her Chenille bathrobe into potholders and dishcloths. The Shaggie® Products are only limited to one's imagination and put a new twist on the old routine.
We promise that once you use a Shaggie® you'll never want to use anything else!

Shaggies by Janey Lynn's Designs.  The super soft multipurpose cloth that goes with EVERY decor. Spa Shrubbie by Janey Lynn's Designs
Pk. 4 Sets

Three of our one of a kind multi-purpose dishcloths that are thick and thirsty. A portion of all sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness! Holds up to 10 times its own weight and is a must for all households. It will immediately replace your regular kitchen and bathroom cloths. The Shaggie cloth is great to use on any surface and easily picks up any mess. Great for kitchen, wet-dry cleaning, bath/shower, and fits on the bottom of your floor mop/duster.

These soft cotton chenille cloths are perfect for any home dcor and make perfect gifts. Match any of the 24 colors to your home dcor or add the Shaggie for a pop of color!

Size: 10 x 10

Sold: 4 Sets

Material: 100% Cotton

Care Instructions: Wash before using. Machine wash cool with similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach as needed. Tumble dry low.

PK. 6

Gently remove makeup with the soft Shaggie side of the Spa Shrubbie. Renew your youthful glow with the exfoliating side.

The Spa Shrubbie truly stands alone as a rejuvenating facial scrubber!

Size: 4

Sold: 6 EA.

Material: Cotton Chenille Front and Nylon Back

Care Instructions: Wash before using. Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low.

Goosie Grey Shaggie Towel by Janey Lynn's Designs

Pk 6

The Shaggie Towel with its super absorbency it is great for any kitchen, bathroom, or outside job. This towel has all the usefulness of a regular size Shaggie cloth, but in a more luxurious size. Do an entire load of dishes with just this one cloth. Perfect for drying, wiping, and clean up.

Towel comes with a loop for easy drying. Colors match several Shaggie and Shrubbies colors. Perfect to complete any kitchen combination or gifts sets for customers!

Size: 19 x 28

Sold - 6 EA.

Material: 100% Cotton Chenille

Care Instructions: Wash before using. Machine wash cool with similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach as needed. Tumble dry low.